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Why CourtMarriages.in

We offer and support our clients for legal Court Marriage and Arya Samaj Marriage (Registration under Hindu Marriage Act-1955). Under Hindu Marriage, Bride and Groom are capable for getting Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage and Special Marriage.

Our team is having expert Advocates, Advisors and Consultants who really take care of everything for solemnizing and registering the Marriage successfully.

Under Act-1955, boy must be minimum 21 years old and girl must be minimum 18 years old. Arya Samaj Marriage is compulsory for getting Instant Court Marriage. We take 3 – 4 hours same day for both Arya Samaj Marriage and Court Marriage.

We charge Rs. 11000/- for both Arya Samaj and Court Marriage and it includes all other charges like Hawan Samigri, Varmaala, Pandit Dakshina, one marriage photograph.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why do I get married in Arya Samaj Mandir before having Instant Court Marriage?

    A. For Instant Court Marriage, married couple must have a certificate of Hindu Marriage resgistered under Hindu Marriage Act-1955. Only then couple will be eligible for Instant Court Marriage.

  • Q. Should the Bride and Groom belong to same caste?

    A. No, this is not compulsory. Bride and Groom must be either Hindu or Sikh or Buddhist or Jain (either by birth or converted). If there is inter-casting then this will be upto bride and groom if they want to convert his/her religion.

  • Q. Can my relatives be witnesses?

    A. Yes, witnesses can be relatives of Bride and Groom. There must be 2 witnesses and both of them must be minimum 18 years old and be having their one ID proof (Voter ID / Aadhar Card / Driving Licence / Passport).

  • Q. Can I marry to a divorcee / widow / widower?

    A. Yes, if either one of bride and groom is divorcee or both of them are divorcee then divorcee must have original divorce decree/order and a copy of divorce decree/order. And if one of them is widow/widower then he/she must have a copy of death certificate of his spouse.

  • Q. How can you ensure that my court marriage is legal and complete?

    A. If bride and groom have genuine documents and solemnized, witnesses are having their original ID proof then we ensure you that you will get 100% Genuine Marriage Certificates because you will be appeared front of Marriage Registrar and he will sign your marriage.  Also, your information will be hidden from others.